25 thoughts on “Gadgets

  1. Thundercast Tech Reply

    Wont the 2nd damage the battery in your phone? You can charge your iPhone
    faster with an iPad charger. But you’re not supposed to because it gives
    the phone more electricity than the phone can handle.

  2. Alex Papanastassiou Reply

    Product no 1, get a new 3ds..m its less bulky and you need no googles 

  3. Scott Thompson Reply



  4. Claus Zuhaus Reply

    Hi Guys! Thank you for all the great videos, and this one, once more,
    fantastic. There’s just one catch:

    I am using an Android phone.

    Can I hope for an Android version of this, or even a series?

    If you would do something especially for Diabetes Management, that would be
    awesome :)

  5. Francis Steitz Reply

    Why do all these hipsters make peripherals for the iPhag? They do realize
    there are better and more powerful phones out there, right?

  6. Kalvin One Reply

    All for crappy iPhone… Looks like that in USA they are a bit far away
    from reality and do not know that nobody want this shit anymore… 

  7. Marcus Mravik Reply

    Yes because turning your iPhone 5 into what feels like an iPhone 4 just for
    a half more battery life is totally worth it…

  8. Agim Ibraimi Reply

    Hey everyone im not gonna hate on apple right now but just a little tip if
    the phone thats so thin dies to fast, and your gonna put on a case thats
    gonna make it 5mm thicker, why don’t they just make the phone thicker and
    boom the problem is gone.

  9. TrollediaBF Reply

    First: Google cardboard was first.
    Second: I do give that a +1
    Third: Done before for android and iphones.
    Foruth: Did see them first in iPhones and after in android.
    Fifth: Can be done in Android.

    Definetely some cool things in this video.


    My friends and I are thinking out of the box to bring gaming to the next
    level and help people that lost there hand or can’t play video games with
    ere thumb because its broken well he the product we call it helping hand it
    has the exo look but it is used by moving up on a string and it will move
    the finger and I am going to be putting rubber finger tips to get a grip on
    most wings and to use a phone so who thinks my friends can make this real
    we have the stuff but, we need motivation to keep us going and to make the
    world have a helping on helping people that can not text on there phone so
    who thinks we can make a dream into reality? CEO STEVE COS co owner ship
    ZACK BUILDER DEVON Slogan | Giving the world a helping hand. So guys what
    do you tink?

  11. thatgermanfan3106 Reply

    You could just use a ipad charger to charge 2x faster than the sonicable

  12. Noah Hunt Reply

    LOL the case cam doesn’t freaking protect your phone. And you’re stupid to
    believe it. Just advertisement, there are people out there who actually
    think these cases actually protect your phones their retarded.!

  13. AwesomeGamer2013 Reply

    Hi, im gay. LOL, in one part of this man says “Hi im gay” and I thought me
    mean’t homosexual.

  14. Joshua Knight Reply

    My friend had one of these (poppy) and it just 2d with 2 screens like you
    saw up there…it’s not 3d at all…it’s a scam

  15. that Guy Reply

    please make this for iphone6!! i will instantly buy it if it comes out for

  16. kevin franklyn Reply

    Can we get a gadget that charges your battery please?…I’m not even

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