25 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. Jan Göksu Reply

    Am i the only one, that eats ice cream and watches girly movies with
    friends, even if you haven’t got a boyfriend? It’s like: Don’t have a
    boyfriend? Gonna celebrate anyway ;)

  2. Duncan Sánchez Reply

    I loved this video, but I might do an ANTI-Valentines party on mine ;)

  3. BWithEmMarie Reply

    these ideas are so cute! and i love the way you edit your videos! (:

  4. Emerson bouley Reply

    I love you sooooooo much can I have your number I am 11 years old and I
    look up too you can I please have your number

  5. Brianna Renee Reply

    Having a party is such a good idea! I was planning on spending Valentines
    day alone in my room watching netflix ✌️

  6. Hazal Ak Reply

    Almost every beauty guru decorates their rooms for Valentine’s Day ahaha!
    But loved the video 

  7. savvyhart Reply

    I LOVE the ice cream bar idea! I just uploaded a DIY Valentine’s treat and
    outfit video, I’d love some feedback! I’m looking to really grow my channel
    this year (: <3

  8. Beautyismylife13 Reply

    Your editing is on point Shelby!! I can really tell you put a lot of time
    and effort into your videos!<33

  9. TheSUPERHAPPY1 Reply

    I was thinking of an ice cream sandwich when you said ice cream bar

  10. BeautyBabe21 Reply

    I like that your intro was 30 seconds long considering I watch youtubers
    with 6 minute intros

  11. vanessa gabin Reply

    Is it only me or even if i don’t have a boyfriend I just celebrate by ice
    cream , candy and chocolate in front of the computer and iPod with music
    and dancing around while chilling in the ipod

  12. thefashioncorner Reply

    “let’s be real no one decorates there room for Valentine’s Day” omg yess
    because youtubers do room decor for like every holiday and I’m like really
    who actually does that shit 

  13. Fernanda Zapata Reply

    Loved your video! You always do a good job on them! Keep up the good

  14. Jenna Smith Reply

    The strawberry roses were so unique and cute and I haven’t seen them in
    anyone elses video which is awesome bc I’m so done with youtubers copying
    eachother lol

  15. Rebekka Barker Reply

    did anyone notice she said valenTIMES day? like say it right omg

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