16 thoughts on “Renovations

  1. Karen Alaniz Reply

    Stopped watching when I heard she “only” has a $100,000 budget. Geesh! I

  2. Maria das Santos Reply

    She had a stressful time?Well here in Lancashire,England,we were stupid
    enough to buy and renovate a Grade II listed house,even more stupidly we
    picked up an interior designer with a worldwide reputation and a leading
    architect firm-all with the right accent and right social cache.What
    enfolded has been a disaster,a taupe house with poorly executed products
    and finishes and a very irate English Heritage.We have been told repeated
    its our fault,but how do you pick an interior designer,architect builders
    and landscapers if they all come with gushing reviews in periodicals such
    as Country Life and Elle Decor.We have no talent for home making yet we
    also know when we have been duped-a lot!We run businesses and employ a lot
    of people yet we fell for the faeces that was establishment directives.So
    how do you really choose a designer,architect,landscaper and more to
    produce a home you can be proud of?

  3. icancommentnow Reply

    A profesional designer, profesional landscapers, a built in refridgerator,
    granite countertops: these are the things that eat a $100k budget quickly.

  4. reverse moustache cat Reply

    I don’t understand why people hire professional decorators. They just tell
    you what’s cool basically. You couldn’t look up some pics on the net and
    chose from for free!

  5. Katrina Workman Reply

    A $100,000 can go a very long way…if you don’t spend it on high end
    finishes. I’m in my 50’s and we have moved 4 times in our 33 year
    marriage. I still don’t have most of the upgrade “must haves” that are in
    this home. I also don’t understand why the woman wasn’t advised by the
    design team to get a written contract and why the design person wasn’t
    overseeing the original contractor closer.

  6. Pete Beauds Reply

    I`ve yet to see an interior designer, on any show I have watched, that I
    would like to hire to finish a room for me….sorry, they all sound the
    same and have the same ideas…they focus on what is fashionable at the
    time. I`m not interested. 

  7. Tron T Reply

    This seems like an example of someone trying to keep up with the joneses
    trying to live above their means without proper budget thinking or
    planning…disaster waiting to happen

  8. rere nomad Reply

    if she didn’t hire you then the $100,000 would have finished the house.
    that contractor got $20,000 to do a crappy job. she could have done the
    reno herself and saved $20,000.

  9. Ivan De Gonzalez Reply

    Love the choices of wallpaper. Everthing looks wonderful and well put
    together. Great job.

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