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  1. Abou Abdi Allah Java Reply

    Finally, a new Video from You Koushik ^^ nice to see you on the screen

  2. Java Brains Reply

    Wow! Thank you all for the nice comments. Yes, more videos on JAX-RS coming
    up soon!

  3. A Dabral Reply

    Thanks a lot, Sir. I don’t know what to say. You explain so well that one
    does not have to put any effort. I have watched lot of your videos and all
    I can say is, you are my best. No one can explain better than this.
    By the way you look different than I thought. Please don’t mind, I thought
    you are like some college professor in late 50s, because the way you
    explain. But you look so young. Amazing. Waiting for more of your videos.

  4. Estêvão Amorese Reply

    Hello Koushik! Trying to learn about WS I found your channel and watched
    some of your past videos and I am glad you’re coming up with new ones. I
    rarely comment videos on youtube, but I wanna say that I admire your work,
    such quality classes, so hard to find in a vast world of content. From the
    quality of the video to, specially, your didactics and your way of
    explaining these subjects, everything altogether makes it a wonderful work.
    Congrats and thank you very much.

  5. Muhammad Ansar latif Reply

    Good to see you! you have helped me through year now. Thanks

  6. Sanjay Shah Reply

    Everytime I write a package, I have to stop mysel from writing
    org.kaushik.javabrains . :)

  7. Tapadyuti Chatterjee Reply

    Hi, i have no words to express how thankful i am to you. I have been
    working for years, in Java,J2EE and Related frameworks and every time my
    Boss had thrown some new technology/concepts at my face to work with, i
    have looked to your tutorial to get a strong foothold. Thanks for getting
    me through all the professional certification exams too !!! Keep doing what
    you are doing, and as my town’s people say “Don’t forget to be awesome” !!!

  8. Hoto Reply

    I was expecting the most boring 16 minutes of my life, but this tutorial is
    soooo good. I was not bored for even 1 minute. Love the quality of this
    series. You can see how much effort was put into this videos. Can’t wait to
    watch the rest of this videos about rest :)

  9. Martin Hefferan Reply

    yup, got to agree with everyone… your channel is one of The most
    informative and helpful I have come across…

    Great work… and thanks!

  10. parthasarathi panda Reply

    sir awesome explanation really help full ,looking forward to the other

  11. Aditya Bhardwaj Reply

    can you please provide a series on Liferay 6.2 .Thanks for the remaining

  12. alok mazumdar Reply

    wooh nice video on the introduction of Restful web services …. i have
    watch your videos on hibernate struts and spring …. 

  13. tomifying Reply

    Always been a fan of you and a follower of your channel. Thanks much!
    A casual question. Are you using a kind of “teleprompter”? :-) Regardless,
    great explanation(s)!!

  14. Oleohi Alli Reply

    Great tutorials, but pls where or how can I get access to the videos where
    I’ll learn how to write the RESTful web services for the social media
    myself. I’m eager… Thanks

  15. Stijn Frishert Reply

    Very clear tutorials! Thank you for sharing with the world, I’m learning so
    much right now :)

  16. Arbind Shrestha Reply

    Pretty helpful videos for new beginner to restWeb Services. Thank you

  17. Anthony Gm Reply

    You are Awesome Techie (y)… ease of understanding.. Hats off Bro (y0

  18. Chathura Priyankara Reply

    Excellent!! great teaching style,
    these are the best resources for self learning…

  19. krige Reply

    This is really an excellent lesson! It’s just perfect, I don’t think it
    would be possibly to explain these concepts any better than you did. Really
    impressive. Keep up with the good work!

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