25 thoughts on “Tips

  1. Anthony Alexandrov Reply

    Women are like math problems. If they’re under 18 then do them in your

  2. Christine Li Reply

    “We’re kind of easy,” he says. Yea, right… IF THATS TRUE THEN WHY AM I
    STILL SINGLE??????

  3. Amir Khadar Reply

    I hate Cosmo because the whole magazine is always telling girls what to do,
    making it seem like the point of women is to please guys when guys can’t do
    I can’t deal with you straight people…

  4. Pump for Lotion Reply

    Girls you don’t need to flirt to get a guys attention. Just stand against a
    wall, twerk while taking selfies and then lick a hammer while a wrecking
    ball is flying around behind you. Trust me all guys will have their nuts
    hanging out if you do that. 

  5. Maximus Trolleus Reply

    All of these girls were ugly. No amount of flirting tips are going to help
    them find a real man. As a guy the only we care about is looks. If ur hot
    ur good to go, if ur not, then it sucks to be you

  6. MzWhatThePuck Reply

    Buzzfeed should do a video about the art of shipping couples, rather its a
    real life couple, a tv/movie couple or a couple where no one knows if
    they’re even really dating. It should have all the Buzzfeed ships:
    Andrew/Ashley, Gaby/Allison and Qunita/Justin

  7. James Htori Reply

    Guys don’t need to be flirted with… we’re straight forward… it’s you
    fucking women who need all that bullshit.

  8. Morgan L Reply

    This made me repeatedly lol. But on a more serious note, anyone who has
    ever met a straight man will tell you just being female will work. They’re
    not that hard to please. The ass grab is a solid move though. Kudos Cosmo
    on getting one right. 

  9. Sahel Jade Reply

    what have I learned? If a man grabs a woman’s ass they get offended, if a
    woman grabs a man’s ass they are turned on…

  10. Eman Mustafa Reply

    I kinda thought the red head totally goes well with the brunette. If you
    know their names please tell me. i mean no disrespect, i just dont know
    their names 

  11. Ha Nguyen Reply

    I think men is just quite about physical attraction, they need to feel that
    the woman is taking a good care of her outer beauty before they explore the
    inner. No one is gonna bother spending time with a girl who are unconscious
    of how she looks. Harsh truth.

    But I figure some of the tips here and there actually work. Like looking
    straight to his eyes while he was talking, nodding head slightly with a
    subtle smile, and initiate conversations with him. Just appreciate the
    moment, I believe that goes straight to make him feel valued and more
    confident in spending more time with you. In the end, don’t overdo anything
    that’s not you, if he falls in love, he’s gonna do that because of who you
    really are, not for pretentious behaviours. 

  12. Xanifur Reply

    Cosmo: Grab a mans ass to get his attention
    Cosmo: If a man ever touches you without your permission he has just
    sexually assaulted you.

  13. Stan Morisseau Reply

    Why is it ok for girls to grab a guy’s ass but visa versa it’s sexual

  14. Audrey LaRenarde Reply

    The second one, neither of them did it right… idk if it seems like
    something that would work, but the girl with purple hair was way too close
    and moved way too abruptly–I think it’s in the context of already sitting
    next to someone, not across the table. And the other girl’s move was too
    subtle. Also, seeing as she wasn’t gonna follow through with it, it’s never
    gonna be “effective” flirting, because a lot of times flirting is supposed
    to lead to something physical.

    Definitely didn’t do the rubbing neck thing right either–like, you don’t
    keep rubbing your neck for an hour. It’s probably about a guy seeing you
    touch yourself–lol not to make it sound weird…but you need the right
    body language–she looked so awkward and stiff. I don’t think it’s about
    pretending your neck hurts, it’s more about sending a subliminal signal
    that you want physical contact. The brunette was the only one who seemed to
    attempt these well–everyone else acted like they were invalid just because
    they tried them looking bewildered and feeling super awkward. idk…I don’t
    really have “tricks” for flirting with strangers, but I know the hair thing
    worked on my ex.. Never would have guessed that was “sexy”. :P

  15. Mista Waffle Reply

    Some girl grabbed my ass once thinking i was her bf.
    Once she found out it wasnt she kept apologizing.
    I was dying of laughter.

  16. AdmiralTrollington Reply

    When I first read the title I came here expecting fairly odd parents. Oh
    how wrong I was…

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